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  1. Dear Sir:
    I am very interested in following events and the general way of life in your country.You may know that radio and TV stations in this part of the world do not concentrate on news items from Azerbaijan very often and only a limited range of records featuring folk music from your country can be obtained here.For this reason,I listen to the MW (SW) band on my? radio receiver , to follow developments directly and to enjoy the unique style of music.
    To give you an example, I have made a note of the details? of a recent broadcast.
    Date:16.7.2012 UTC: 1600-1715 Frequency:11620 Signal Strength:EXCELLENCE Interference:NIL Noise:NIL Propagation:NIL Overall Merit: EXCELLENCE
    Date:17.7.2012 UTC: 1600-1715 Frequency:11620 Signal Strength:GOOD Interference:SLIGHT Noise:SLIGHT Propagation:SLIGHT Overall Merit:GOOD.
    Date:18.7.2012 UTC: 1600-1715 Frequency:11620 Signal Strength:FAIR Interference:MODERATE Noise:MODERATE Propagation:MODERATE Overall Merit:FAIR.
    Date:19.7.2012 UTC: 1600-1715 Frequency:11620 Signal Strength:POOR Interference:SEVERE Noise:SEVERE Propagation:SEVERE Overall Merit:POOR.
    Date: 20.7.2012 UTC: 1600-1715 Frequency:11620 Signal Strength:VERY POOR Interference:EXTREME Noise:EXTREME Propagation:EXTREME Overall Merit:VERY POOR.
    The signal quality as received here in Baoying was naturally rather weak,but nevertheless I was able to follow some what you said.The antenna is a (long wire)dipole/medium wave loop and is 5 meters long, and 6 meters above the ground.

    Because your signal varies in strength during different times of the year, it is not always good.But I hope to find the time to listen again,mainly because you provide me with a unique source of music and information.

    I should be very grateful if you could confirm in writing that I received Voice of Azerbaijan judging from the details I have enclosed.I would also appreciate a station pennant/sticker/stamp if you have one please,and more details about the programmes you broadcast.

    Thank you for your help, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Name:Liu Xiu Hua

    address : 12th, 15th district Jinwan district , Baoying County ,Jiangsu Province, CHINA

    post code :225800

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